Creative Process & Innovative Methodology

The Process

Solution for every problem to make brands blossom



Our research and communication harbours an in-depth understanding of your requirement



After understanding the requirement, we evolve and personify it to form brand value, identity and image



We create and deliver content and design that serves justice to its attributes and connects with the audience



Forming and establishing a customer base that interacts and connects to your brand is our special deliverable

Important Note
The methodology outlined below applies to the website or web application development process. According to the specific project's requirements, it may be altered or modified.

Research Project Research & Discovery

It's the initial step of project development in which we thoroughly discuss the project idea and its objectives. We can identify requirements and establish specific goals according to the feedback and data gathered. Instead of moving on with merely assuming, the discovery phase enables us to validate the idea with users. The objectives of this phase are as follows.

  • Software Requirement Specification (SRS)
  • Timeline Estimate
  • Cost Estimate

Prototype Wireframes & Prototype Creation

We develop the basic wireframes and create the prototypes using the knowledge we've gathered during the discovery process. Wireframes are the framework of your digital product, whereas a prototype is a more of a visual working version of the product. The objectives of this phase are as follows.

  • Wireframes
  • Basic Prototype

Design Design & Illustration

The page layouts and required graphic illustrations are created and polished at this stage. Here, our goal is to design user-friendly, engaging interfaces. Also, we select a color scheme for the product that will best meet the project objectives. We are prepared to move on to the actual development and testing phase after this step is over. The objectives of this phase are as follows.

  • Color Palette
  • UI Layouts Design
  • Illustrations

Development Development & Testing

Here, we set up our project repository and begin coding the functionalities in accordance with the project workflow. Instead of pursuing the newest technologies out of sheer desperation, we think it is important to use the correct stack of technologies that can complete the project's requirements. For the best performance and security, every feature is precisely coded and then put through an extensive testing process. Thereafter, the deployment is approved and stamped OK. The objectives of this phase are as follows.

  • Development
  • Testing & Security
  • Client Review

Deployment Deployment & Maintenance

It's now time for the project's final release and deployment. The project is now finally prepared to be launched following the conclusion of all stages and client approval. The whole project repository and source code will be sent to you through email. Together with that email, you'll receive a 3-minute feedback form. That way, we can provide you with an even better experience the next time. The objectives of this phase are as follows.

  • Project Deployment
  • Source Code Delivery
  • Client Satisfaction & Feedback